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National Petroleum is now offering biodiesel, a clean-burning alternative to diesel fuel that can be used in existing diesel engines without modification.

Made from a variety of renewable resources including recycled cooking grease, soybean oil, and animal fats, biodiesel is the nation’s first and only EPA-designated advanced biofuel in commercial-scale production.

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Saves Money

Biodiesel, on average, costs 5 to 15 cents less to purchase than regular diesel. Most of the time, retailers are selling biodiesel at the same price as regular diesel, keeping the price difference to themselves.

Thus, an additional profit margin around 10 cents is earned.

A station which sells 50,000 gallons a month in diesel can expect to earn $50,000 in additional profit.


Biodiesel fits seamlessly with existing vehicles and technologies. It can also provide additional performance benefits to include (depending upon fuel type and concentration):

  • Enhanced lubricity, which can extend engine life
  • Improved combustion from higher Cetane Number values
  • Improved emissions over petroleum-based fuels


New land is not required for biodiesel production; instead, it uses several readily available resources. Additionally, biodiesel has several environmental benefits including but not limited to:

  • Lowering particulate matter by 47 percent, thus reducing smog and making our air healthier to breathe.
  • Reducing lifecycle greenhouse gases by 86 percent
  • Reducing hydrocarbon emissions by 67 percent
  • For every unit of fossil energy it takes to produce biodiesel, 3.5 units of renewable energy are returned, the best of any U.S. fuel
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