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Can you tell the difference?? Neither can your customers!


Why would I switch to B20 Diesel when Diesel #2 has worked fine for my business??


In California, Diesel #2 fuel already contains 5% biodiesel material by law to help our environment by decreasing our carbon footprint. B20 Diesel is the same formula as Diesel #2 that is already supplied throughout California and at your station, with the exception that it contains a bio-diesel mass of 20% instead of 5%. Because bio-diesel has more solvent properties, it cleans engines better, resulting in improved fuel economy and potentially longer engine life, as well as having a lower carbon footprint and being an environmentally friendly product.

According to California regulation it is 100% compatible with all of your existing fuel pumps, tanks, and equipment, in addition to being a performance-enhancing benefit to your customer’s vehicles. All of these benefits are in addition to the lower cost & higher profit potential that it can bring your station! Is B20 a miracle fuel product?? We sure think so!!

So why wouldn’t you switch to B20? There is zero commitment- try it out for 1 load, 1 week, or just 1 month- you have nothing to lose besides potential profit increase.

Get your stations pumping with National Petroleum now! With over 20 years of experience in the industry, and as owners of over 25 of stations & convenience stores, we understand your needs and how to maximize your station’s earning potential. Leverage our expertise to get your business PUMPING up your monthly gallon volume & profitability immediately! Time = Money, so every day that you are not partnered with National is a day of lost business growth potential!

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